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Migrating My GWB Blog Over To WordPress

1 minute read

Geeks With Blogs has been good to me, but there are too many tempting things about Word Press for me to stay with GWB. Particularly their statistics features...

Awesome Visual Studio Videos

less than 1 minute read

I watched an awesome Channel 9 Visual Studio Tips And Tricks video, so I thought I’d share. Some great VS gems in there. Even a few Windows 7 ones, like usin...

Sweet C# Gems

less than 1 minute read

James Michael Hare has a lot of awesome C# and .Net related posts, so this is just a little shout out to him (and my own little way of bookmarking his blogs ...

Using TFS Programmatically

less than 1 minute read

I recently discovered this post which shows how you can programmatically update queries in TFS, which is great for when you make a WIT (Work Item Template) c...

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

less than 1 minute read

Just found a few websites that show some Visual Studio tips that I haven’t seen before, so I thought I’d share: