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Get IIS events from Event Viewer using PowerShell

3 minute read

Sometimes services hosted in IIS don’t behave as we expect and we need to dig into what’s happening. If the problem lies in your application’s code, you may ...

Find which Windows process has file in use

2 minute read

When a file or directory is in use by a process (application), you will not be able to delete or modify the file / directory. Unfortunately it’s not always o...

Master the Windows copy-paste clipboard

9 minute read

Copying and pasting is a common task that pretty much everyone does. Becoming more efficient with it is a great way to improve your productivity.

Get up and running with AutoHotkey

5 minute read

AutoHotkey (AHK) is an amazing programming language for automating tasks and keystrokes in Windows. In this post we’ll look at how you can get your first AHK...

Git alias to reset local tags

less than 1 minute read

I’ve noticed that VS Code sometimes detects conflicts between my local Git tags and remote ones. This results in a Git error when hitting the small Git sync ...

Watch videos faster and reclaim your time

3 minute read

Your time is valuable, and limited. Many videos we watch, whether they’re conference sessions, DIY instructions, movies, or silly cat videos, can easily be u...

Bring up the Windows Terminal in a keystroke

6 minute read

I decided to try out the new Windows Terminal to see how it compared to ConEmu, which is my usual console. The recommended way to get the Windows Terminal is...

Awesome Azure DevOps resources

3 minute read

I’m a huge fan of Microsoft’s Azure DevOps. As a developer, it’s a single place that allows me to do everything. It stores my code, tracks my project ideas a...

Great Xamarin.Forms workshop from Ignite 2019

2 minute read

I’m lucky enough to attend the Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference this year, and do a pre-conference workshop. The workshop I chose to do was Build your first ...

You don’t scale, so don’t be a hero

5 minute read

I’ve been writing code since 1999; professionally since 2009. For many years I put in 60+ hours a week at my job. I was young. I was committed. And most impo...