About Daniel Schroeder


You can contact me on Twitter @deadlydog, or send me an email.

About me

My name is Daniel Schroeder, my online handle is usually deadlydog, and I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I completed my Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Regina in 2009, and am currently working at iQmetrix. I have a passion for programming and have created some video games and websites; I especially enjoy creating tools for other developers, and tools for increasing productivity. Automate EVERYTHING!

You can view my personal (and outdated) website here.

Some Software I’ve Created

The software listed here has been created in my spare time and most is free and open source:

And here are some websites that I’ve made:

  • (2003) HelpfulPCTools.com - Free tools and advise about general pc maintenance (viruses, spyware, etc.) (very outdated now, and I actually let the domain expire and somebody else purchased the domain and placed a clone of my original site).
  • (2005) PostYourWebsite.com - Search for other peoples websites, and post your own (no longer exists).
  • (2007) DansKingdom.com - My personal site (old and outdated).
  • (2008) TheHotMap.com - An interactive search engine interface. This was created by myself and one other person (no longer exists).
  • (2009) XnaParticles.com - The project home of my Dynamic Particle System Framework.


All material found on this blog is offered up under the Creative Commons 3.0 License. This basically says that you are free to share or change the information provided, as long as you Attribute the original work to me, preferably by linking back to the webpage.