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A list of some shortcuts and new features to VS 2010 and C# 4.0:

  • Default values for parameters
  • Can access parameters by name (i.e. SomeFunction(name: "Dan", age: 26);)
  • Can now put Labels on breakpoints and filter the breakpoints, as well as import and export breakpoints.
  • Window => New Window to open up same file in two separate tabs, or can drag the splitter at the top-right corner of the edit indow.
  • Edit => Outlining => Hide Selection to collapse any region of code
  • Alt + Mouse Left Drag for box selection instead of line selection, then just start typing; you can also use Alt+Shift+Arrow eys to do box selection with the keyboard.
  • Alt + Arrow Keys to move current line up/down. Can also select multiple lines and use Alt + Up / Down to move the whole selection p/down.
  • In NavigateTo search window (Ctrl + Comma) use capitals to search for camel casing (i.e. CE to find displayCustomerEmails) nd a space to do an “and” search (i.e. “email customer” would find displayCustomerEmails).
  • Ctrl + I to do an incremental search of a document, then F3 and Shift + F3 to move to next/previous matches.
  • Use snippets to automatically create code and save time.
  • Ctrl + . to access VS tickler window instead of having to hover over the variable with the mouse.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar to change VS to suggest variable names instead of auto completing them.
  • Can right click in document to remove and sort using statements.
  • Enum.TryParse() has been added to match a string or number to an enumerated type.
  • Contract.Requires() and .Ensures() to ensure that function conditions are met (at compile time).
  • String.IsNullOrWhitespace(string);
  • Lazy<T> for thread-safe lazy loading of variables.
  • VS => Options => Debugging => Output Window => Data Binding to give more info about errors.
  • Using System.Threading.Tasks for parallel processing. Parallel.For() and .ForEach().
  • PLINQ => myCollection.InParallel().Where(x => ...);
  • New Dynamic keyword type => just like Object except not checked at compile time.
  • Ctrl + Shift + V to cycle through clipboard ring
  • Alt + Ctrl + Down to access tab menu
  • Ctrl + Shift + Up / Down to move between instances of the highlighted variable
  • Ctrl + ] to move back and forth between a functions opening and closing braces (i.e. “{“ and “}”). This appears to also work in XAML!
  • Alt + Arrow Keys to move current line up/down. Can also select multiple lines and use Alt + Up / Down to move the whole selection up/down.
  • Rather than selecting a whole line first, just use Ctrl + C or Ctrl + X to Copy/Cut the entire line. You can also use Shift + Delete to delete an entire line without selecting it.


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