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I’ve noticed that VS Code sometimes detects conflicts between my local Git tags and remote ones. This results in a Git error when hitting the small Git sync button in the VS Code bottom toolbar.

VS Code sync icon

To easily solve this issue, I setup this alias in my .gitconfig to easily wipe my local tags and reset them to what the remote has:

    delete-local-tags = !echo 'git tag -l | xargs git tag -d && git fetch --tags' && git tag -l | xargs git tag -d && git fetch --tags

This snippet assumes you’re running Git in a Bash prompt.

Now when I encounter this error, from the command line I just type git delete-local-tags and it resets my local tags to what the remote has, making VS Code happy and enabling me to sync Git with a single button click again.

The !echo '[string]' portion isn’t required as it will simply display the command that is about to run, but I like to know what my aliases are doing behind the scenes when I run them.

Happy syncing :)

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