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Stop YOUR emails from starting those company-wide Reply All email threads

October 11th, 2012 No comments

You know you’ve seen it before; somebody sends out a company-wide email (or email to a large diverse audience), and a couple people or small group of people start replying-all back to the email with info/jokes that is only relative to that small group of people, yet EVERYBODY on the original email list has to suffer their inbox filling up with what is essentially spam since it doesn’t pertain to them or is something they don’t care about.

A co-worker of mine made an ingenious off-hand comment to me one day of how to avoid this, and I’ve been using it ever since.  Simply place the email addresses of everybody that you are sending the email to in the BCC field (not the CC field), and in the TO field put your email address.  So everybody still gets the email, and they are easily able to reply back to you about it.  Note though, that the people you send the email to will not be able to see everyone else that you sent it to.

Obviously you might not want to use this ALL the time; there are some times when you want a group discussion to occur over email.  But for those other times, such as when sending a NWR email about the car you are selling, asking everyone what a good local restaurant near by is, collecting personal info from people, or sharing a handy program or trick you learnt about (such as this one Winking smile), this trick can save everybody frustration and avoid wasting their time.  Trust me, your coworkers will thank you; mine did Smile

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Get the Windows 7 Start Menu Back in Windows 8 with Classic Shell

October 3rd, 2012 No comments

I just thought I’d give readers a heads up that you can use Classic Shell to get the old Windows 7 style of start menu back instead of using the new crappy Windows 8 metro start screen; plus it’s free and open source Smile.  You can still access the metro start screen with Shift+WindowsKey or Shift clicking the start menu button.  This program also defaults to showing the desktop on startup instead of the metro start screen (but that can be disabled), and is super configurable and has tons of options to tweak it just the way you want if you are picky like me Smile  The only thing I would say is when installing the app, only install the Classic Start Menu; you don’t need the other ones.

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You’re welcome, and happy coding!